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1. Crew Accommodations & Transportation. The 5 most common issues affecting the airlines’ crew accommodation and transportation contracting are:

2. Distressed Passenger Accommodations (Delayed or Cancelled flights). AOGtion by AOG is free Mobile App that allows airlines to source hotel and transport services for its Distressed Passengers during prolonged flight delays or cancellations when it is essential to secure the best offers from multiple hotels and transportation companies quickly. It is designed exclusively for Airlines, Hotels, and Transport providers, and supports smartphones, iPad, tablets, windows and iOS.

3. Emergency Response Services (Aircraft Accidents, Incidents, Diversions, Ferry Flights). AOG’s Special Operations Solution (SOS) is designed to help the airlines execute a comprehensive and efficient emergency plan for Hotel accommodation and Transport services during Aircraft Accident & Incident, Natural Disasters (i.e.: tsunami, hurricane), prolonged Airport Closures, when it is critical for the airlines to secure reasonably priced hotels for its team, crew, survivors and family members, transportation to and from the hotels, and provide the latest flow of information between the airline and the hotels.

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