THIS AOG TRANSPORT PARTNER RATE AGREEMENT, executed on the dates by the signatures below, is effective and is entered into between our Transport ("Owner or Transport") and AIRLINE OPERATIONS GROUP COMPANY LIMITED, a corporation whose principal representative place of business and post office address is 16th Floor, Lake Rajada Office Complex, 193/66 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 Thailand ("AOG'). In consideration of the mutual promises and covenants hereinafter set forth and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

1. GENERAL. AOG represents certain airlines in the procurement of Transport and transportation services relating to its crew, disrupted passengers, and emergency response requirements. Transport is willing to enter into this AOG Transport Partner Rate Agreement with AOG for the procurement of these airlines' business.

2. COMMISSION. Transport agrees that it shall pay AOG a commission of ten percent (10%) of the rates contained in this agreement, whenever AOG is the procuring cause of any Transport accommodation business relating to the airlines' crew, disrupted passengers, staff travel or emergency response services. Transport agrees that AOG is the "procuring cause" of any Transport accommodation business whenever AOG make reservations which generate additional revenues for Transport.

3. PAYMENT OF COMMISSION. Transport agrees to pay AOG its commissions within thirty (30) days of receipt of payment from the airlines. Transports will NOT be invoiced by AOG. For payments received by AOG that is beyond thirty (30) days, Transport agrees to pay a late fee of 18% per annum, pro-rated at 0.05% per day. For accounting purposes, Transport agrees to provide AOG with a detailed accounting statement of the number of pax utilized each month and a printout of all accounts and/or bookings. Commission checks shall be made payable to "Airline Operations Group and/or an entity designated by AOG.

4. CHOICE OF LAW. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Thailand. The Transport company agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thailand without regard to conflicts of laws or other jurisdictional rules. The Parties will in any event attempt to settle their disputes in an amicable manner out of court by first conducting good faith discussions and negotiations.

5. ASSIGNMENT/TRANSFER. This Agreement shall bind any successor in interest to Transport. In the event this Agreement is assigned to another party, Transport shall notify AOG in writing of such assignment within thirty (30) days of such assigning. Transport agrees that the Agreement binds and obligates the Owner and Transport and does not terminate upon termination or cancellation of the present management contract for the Transport or upon the Owner's execution of a new management contract for the Transport. Owner agrees that if the Transport should be sold, the Agreement will survive such sale, provided AOG is not in default under any of the provisions, covenants or conditions of the Agreement. In that respect, Owner agrees that any sale of the Transport will include, as an express condition of such sale, the assignment to, transfer of, or assumption of the Agreement to or by the purchaser. Owner agrees that neither the Agreement nor any of the rights of AOG hereunder shall be terminated or modified or be subject to termination or modification (except under the terms contained in the Agreement) by any trustee's sale or by an action or proceeding to foreclose any mortgage, deed of trust, lien, or other encumbrance on the Transport. AOG covenants and agrees to execute any additional instruments in writing that may be required by any mortgagee, lien holder, commissioner, trustee, and/or purchaser so requesting it.

6. NON-COMPETE. In the event the Airline(s) agreement that AOG has procured for Transport company is terminated prior to its expiration date, by either Transport company or Airline(s), the transportation company agrees and covenants that for a minimum period of twenty-four (24) months following the termination of such agreement, whether such termination is voluntary or involuntary, your Transportation company will not directly or indirectly engage in any business dealing with that Airline(s) except through AOG.

7. CONFIDENTIALITY. Transport and AOG, their officers, directors, agents or employees shall not disclose the existence or terms of this Agreement to any parties, including, but not limited to, other transportation companies, the airlines' management, employees, and union representatives.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Transportation company hereto has executed this Agreement on the dates shown below, and acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agrees with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.