Airline Operations Group (AOG) is a leading purveyor and consolidator of crew hotel and transport services for international airlines worldwide. It was established in 1995, and is currently headquartered in Bangkok Thailand.

AOG provides participating airlines with a "win-win solution for the pragmatic, efficient, and cost-effective means of procuring hotel and transportation services worldwide".

AOG sees honest, effective and efficient relationships with its partner airlines, hotels and transportation providers as being of vital importance to its Mission. It has established the type of relationships most conducive to the achievement of these objectives by promoting standards and procuring policies that are acceptable to all AOG partners. It has created an environment in which AOG and its team constantly strives to improve, thereby making AOG an attractive source of procurement for its partner airlines.

AOG  's   Mission  is   to   promote   common   objectives   and   interests   among   airlines,   hotels   and   transport   providers   in   order   to   achieve:

  • Alternative Strategy
  • Optimum Process
  • Great Proposition
Crew Accommodations &
Distressed Passenger
Emergency Response
Global Layovers is a “match-making” program for Airlines, Hotels and Transportation providers to collaborate in efficiently sourcing crew accommodations and transportation services directly on our platform for any cities worldwide.

We review potential hotels and transportation companies based on the airline’s strict criteria taking into account key factors, such as: rates, taxes, ground transportation, safety, security, ambient room noise (interior & exterior), proximity to airport, hospitals, restaurants, shopping, entertainment areas and contracting.

Airlines, Hotels and Transportation companies wishing to participate in handling long term crew business can simply register on our website.
AOGtion is an innovative Mobile App for Airlines, Hotels and Transport suppliers to collaborate in the handling of Distressed Passengers. It is an industry first for airlines that are increasingly expecting cross-platform integration and a consistent experience for its passengers, through recent evolutions in smartphone technology. AOGtion allows airlines to source hotel and transport services for its Distressed Passengers during prolonged flight delays or cancellations when it is essential to secure the best offers from multiple hotels and transportation companies quickly.

AOGtion, designed exclusively for airlines, hotels, and transport suppliers, is provided at NO COST to participating airlines. AOGtion supports smart devices including the iPhone, Android phones, iPads & all tablets.
AOG's Special Operations Solution (SOS) is designed to help the airlines to execute a comprehensive and efficient emergency plan for Hotel accommodation and Transport services during:
  • Aircraft Accident & Incident;
  • Natural Disasters (i.e.: tsunami, hurricane, Pandemic); and
  • Airport Closures.

Through careful crisis preplanning, our team will assist the airlines by providing:

  • Reasonably priced hotels for the team, crew, survivors and family members;
  • Transportation to/from the hotels; and
  • Up-to-date flow of information between airlines and hotels.