AOG specializes in the procurement and management of Hotel Accommodation and Transportation Services relating to airline:


♦ Crew Accommodations & Transportation

AOG conducts thorough market research and evaluation of potential hotels to secure comprehensive crew accommodation for the airlines at any port. Its team performs regular hotel site inspections and monitors market trends for the airline to help reduce its costs.

It reviews potential hotels based on the airline’s strict criteria taking into account key factors, such as: Taxes; Ground Transportation; Safety and Security; Accounting; and Contracting. Short listed hotels, and crucial information, including area safety, ambient room noise (interior & exterior), proximity to airport, hospitals, restaurants, shopping and entertainment areas are presented to the airline for its final review, site inspection and approval.

AOG continually monitors the airline’s satisfaction and conveys any concerns to the hotel in order to maintain a sustainable relationship.


♦ Distressed Passenger Accommodations (Delayed or Cancelled flights)

AOGtion is an innovative Mobile App for Airlines, Hotels and Transport suppliers to collaborate in the handling of Distressed Passengers. It is an industry first for airlines that are increasingly expecting cross-platform integration and a consistent experience for its passengers, through recent evolutions in smartphone technology. AOGtion allows airlines to source hotel and transport services for its Distressed Passengers during prolonged flight delays or cancellations when it is essential to secure the best offers from multiple hotels and transportation companies quickly.

It is a mobile marketplace for hotels to liquidate its nightly 5 – 40 % vacancy factors, which creates a perpetual cycle of income loss and continues to compromise owners’ return on investment (ROI), through dynamic pricing on a real time basis. It is also an App that provides a “one-stop shop” for airlines to procure these nightly vacant rooms for its distressed passengers in one click, thus increasing efficiency and traffic for both markets.

AOGtion is designed exclusively for Airlines, Hotels, and Transport providers, and supports ‘smart’ and ‘non-smart’ phones including iphones, BlackBerry, Androids, ipads & all tablets.


♦ Emergency Response Services (Aircraft Accidents, Incidents, Diversions, Ferry Flights)

AOG’s Special Operations Solution (SOS) is designed to help the airlines to execute a comprehensive and efficient emergency plan for Hotel accommodation and Transport services during:


Through careful crisis preplanning, our team will assist the airlines by providing: